Tribute to Jacques Aguétant

Tribute to Jacques Aguétant

Droits B.Riou

08/06/2015 | 14h14

Jacques Aguétant, who was Technical Delegate and Vice-President of the FITE until 2010, died on 27th May, at the age of 79 years old.

Membership of Hungary

Membership of Hungary

Droits FFE DR

29/05/2015 | 17h17

The horse breeding in Hungary is an important part of Hungarian culture, inherited from the cavaliers nomadic in Central Europe. The Hungarian puszta, vast steppe, is famous for its big areas.

Roscrea training (Ireland) the 21and 22 March 2014

Roscrea training (Ireland) the 21and 22 March 2014

Droits G.Hoffmann

15/01/2015 | 15h15

In accordance with the rules on the training of the international judges of TREC - publication of January 2013 - and to the decision of the general meeting 2014, a training will be organised in Ireland the 20 and 21 March 2015. This session concerns the training and/or recycling of trainers from international judges TREC and ringmaster of P.O.R.

Happy new year!

Happy new year!

Droits FFE DR

19/12/2014 | 10h10

The International Federation of Equestrian Tourism presents you its warmest and friendly wishes.

A new affiliate NETO: the Denmark Danemark

A new affiliate NETO: the Denmark

Droits FFE DR

02/09/2014 | 16h16

It is with great pleasure we just welcome the Denmark within the FITE.

EuromondialTrec 2014, Scandiano reggio Emilia, Italia

23/04/2014 | 14h14

The EuromondialTrec 2014 schedule (Scandiano reggio Emilia, Italia)  is available

Click here

A new affiliate NETO: Bulgaria

A new affiliate NETO: Bulgaria

Droits FFE DR

17/03/2014 | 15h15

Bulgaria is joining the FITE to be the 21st member.

Training course of TREC carriage, Ringmaster PTV and trainer of international judges

07/02/2014 | 14h14

Two training course will be held in Eersel (Netherlands) 4, 5, 6 April 2014 under the direction of Thierry Maurouard, Technical Delegate FITE.

International Competitions sorting cattle Avignon

International Competitions sorting cattle Avignon

Droits MArie Combette

07/02/2014 | 14h14

4th International Trophy Sorting Cattle by teams and the 2nd International Tri Individual, organized by the French Association Riding Camargue (AFEC), under the aegis of the French Equestrian Federation (FFE) and Fédération Internationale de Tourisme Equestre (FITE), were held in Avignon (Equestrian).

Visit to Russia

Visit to Russia

Droits FFE DR

04/12/2013 | 10h10

Guests of NETO Russia and the Republic of Mordovia , the President and the Technical Delegate FITE went to Saransk , the capital and surrounding area, as well as Zhigulevsk , village Peninsula Samarskaya Luka , a hundred kilometers from Samara, on the banks of the legendary huge and curvy Volga.

Centaure 2019

The legendary three days, three nights Raid Centaure POR will take place this year in Llagostera, Spain, from February 8th to 10th. All information at links below.




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EuroWorld championship of TREC  

The TREC EuroWorld Championships took place on the 30 August to the 1st September 2018 in Bracciano, Italy.

This event gathered 90 riders from 18 nations. Two countries were represented off competition, China and Russia.

Details results of Seniors European championship can be found here.

Details results of Young riders World championship can be found here. 



European Championships of Working Equitation

The European Championships of Working Equitation took place in Eersel, Netherland from 23 to 26 August 2018. 

Four nations were represented in seniors and young riders levels for a total close to 40 riders in competition. 

All results can be found here. 


Sustainable development

The FITE made practical worksheets to help organisers to create sustainable equestrian events.

Find all complete sheet here


Memorandum of Understanding FITE-FEI


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