International tests of sorting cattle of working equitation

France published the 25/01/2012 | 12h12

International tests of sorting cattle of working equitation

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The second international trophy of sorting cattle of working equitation, took place during « cheval Passion » show in Avignon, the 21 and 22 January 2012. These tests, organized with the support of the FITE, by the French Association of Equestrian Camargue, chaired by Philippe Maurel, President of the working and traditional equitation committee of the French Equestrian Federation.

The confrontations occured in two sets during two days with sorting domestic cattle, herd of 15 animals and no domestic cattle (Camargue bulls), herd of 33 animals, belong to the farm of Frédéric and Sebastien Lescot.

23 teams of 3 people was entered in the competition : 6 italian teams, 17 french teams including 3 teams of Corsica, so nearly 50 riders and 50 horses. There had a noticeable number of women during this competition.

The creation of a national individual open test of sorting cattle, the National individual sorting, which brought 30 riders, was the novelty of 2012 and was won by Fabien Cointrel of Corsica before Damiano Avigni, an italian, and another french, Benoit Colombet.

France, with Gérard Pensenti, Jean Clopes and Renaud Vinuesa, won the international trophy by team, in Camargue equitation before another french Camargue team, William Pellat, Charlotte Gronchi and Jean-Bernard Rabet. The italians Andrea Fioravanti, Damiano Avigni and Andréa Sanfelici had the third place in western, from one point late with the deuces.

Four cultures of equitation was in Avignon : Camargue, Gaucho, Maremmana and western. The presence of a « gaucho » team deserves some lines. It is in question that argentines call the « Criolla » equitation, pronounced Criotcha. These new enthusiasts are advised, on all plans, by the french Gino Colanesi, who lived in Argentina and practice this sport.

Under a good weather and an exceptional temperature , an assessment is called for this activity because it progress in the technical plan and the informed public could appreciate the subtleties.We could say that the cattle played too and posed problems for the riders, especially the domestic herd of one year cattle. The herd instinct encourages these young animals to catch up the cattle when they are separated and it is very complicated to maintain one in the area designed, which is the interest.

Two complete days took place in Avignon in a good and serious atmosphere with Thierry Maurouard, President of the jury and commentator. All of the organization team was accorded without any protest of the competitors, which is a compliment.

Nice and hearty prizegiving in presence of the President of the FITE, Elisa Moya, FFE administrator, referent of the discipline and Pierre Toussaint Gaffory, President of the CRE Corsica, as well competitor.


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