Inquiry of international routes and accomodations of equestrian tourism

Inquiry of international routes and accomodations of equestrian tourism

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An economic, social and cultural issue

To live, prosper and satisfy its publics, the equestrian tourism, which means travel with horse, requires a specific organization : reliable and identified routes, with organized stop places, allow the travellers riders to find what they need to feed,  water and  accomodate their horse and to feed themselves and breathe, in good conditions of comfort. Today, this organization is not homogeneous and can not always satisfy the request of the riders. Indeed, some differences exist between the countries, in particular the countries which the NETO is affiliated to the FITE.

French benchmark

In this perspective, a particular effort must have been undertaken on routes and accomodations of equestrian tourism : the routes, resting places, with the creation of international norms attested by the FITE. This action required a substancial consultation. A reflexion took place with some international persons in charge, like the President of the French National Committee of Equestrian Tourism, Bernard Pavie. He has wished to put a lot of oneself into this reflexion, in view of what exists in France on this subject and of the work already done for the online information for the traveller's riders, in a large number of regions and departments.  

A will reaffirmed by the FITE

It was important that the FITE tackles this problem with the will to give to the riders a group of reliable routes, in particular in Europe but well beyond too. This action aimed for facilitate the crossing border and to develop the economic, cultural and social aspect of the equestrian tourism. A normalized signage, all over the same, is carrier of image. 

The directions of a necessary inquiry

The inquiry has focused on 3 main directions. To know, in every NETO, a correspondant in charge of the routes and the accomodations of equestrian tourism, privileged interlocutor of the FITE. To know how every NETO, deals with this essential aspect of equestrian tourism, because it permits to travel with horse in the best conditions of comfort and security. To search the cross border connections to favour the crossing of the borders and the contacts between NETOs.


First, the disparities are often important between the NETOs but also within the same NETO, because of the priorities and the importance given to the equestrian tourism and the differences between regions, due to the different laws between from one to another. 

Document in ligne on

Introduction and comments

Bernard Pavie, mandated by the FITE to lead this work, has presented and given a commentary of the inquiry realised by the operations manager of NETO France, Emilie Berville, and the summary of the surveys wrote by her at the end of the inquiry.  He wished that a specific training will be given to the persons concerned – in particular concerning the marks – and he would like to put in place a real quality reasoning of routes, of accomodations and on the reliability of each other with the online of the correspondents of equestrian  routes and accomodations of each NETO.

Christian Boyer, representative of NETO France in the General Assembly , has emphasized the necessity of doing a census of equestrian routes. He says that he has noticed during his travel in Austria, an abundance of routes, that show a specific practice. The region of Schönau has more than 700km of routes and publishes a document for the riders or others. His wish is to see an « Europe in Horse », like the Europe in bike, with the help of the european fundings, with the will of a general synchronicity.

Gerlinde Hoffmann, for the german NETO, has emphasized that she works in a no centralized federal system, that is more complicated. 

Pursuit of the action

Bernard Pavie, according to the President and the Office of the FITE, wishes to pursue this reasoning. This inquiry will be extended with the establishment of privileged contact between the national persons in charge concerned, to favour the relationships and the organization of cross border events. The aim is to realise an international group of routes – with maps -  to move from one country to another without breaking off of continuity.

Download the summary of the inquiry (pdf, 465,91 kB)

Dowload the list of the correspondant routes and accomodations of NETO (pdf, 148,47 kB)

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