The driving TREC in competition

The driving TREC in competition

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The driving TREC includes various proficiencies in two phases on two days.  They ar to made with the same horse(s), the same harness and the same carriage. The driving TREC is played alone, by pair or in team.*


The driving TREC, became international in 2008, is one of the three disciplines of the FITE, which has regulated it internationaly. These international tests are organized by the NETOs, affiliated to the FITE.


He has to have 4 years minimum and has a good physical condition, calm, reception and complicity with his driver.


He has to have 16 years minimum. He is accompanied by a mate, in charge of the reading of the map, in the phase of P.O.R. they are able to move along in a natural environment, with the help of a topographical map, and to cross, in security, all of the difficulties met in the nature. No offcial dress imposed, but a proper dress is required. The wearing of the horse helmet is compulsory of all of the phases.


The P.O.R.

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Compas, map and chronometer are the essential instruments for this test. The competitors have to take itineraries from 12 to 20 kms corresponding to a route, discovered and copied out only 15 mn before the start. Controls of sections and controls of passing (which the competitors don’t know the site) are located in all of the route. The controls of sections permit to check the hour of the passing of the competitor, the exactness of the route took and le good health of the horse (veterinary control). The drivers respect a speed required, between 5 to 12 km/h. A good control of the topography allows to anticipate the effort of the horse and to manage his progression.

 The P.T.V.


This tour from 1,5 to 2 km, has to do in an good period, at the speed of 12 km/h. It introduces a lot of natural difficulties or simulated difficulties : trucker edge, driving in one hand, put away, lanes, … The judges mark the efficience,  the selected pace by the competitor and the possible penalties. This phase, set the day after the POR, allows to estimate the aptitude of the horse(s) to take over after an effort intensed and sustained.  

EuroMondial championship of TREC  

The EuroMondial Championships of TREC will be held from 30 August to 1 September 2018 in Bracciano, Italy.

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European Championships of Working Equitation

The European Championships of Working Equitation will be held in Eersel, Netherland from 23 to 26 August 2018.

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Sustainable development

The FITE made practical worksheets to help organisers to create sustainable equestrian events.

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