Caballcam 2012 - back on an event

Espagne published the 27/08/2012 | 15h15

Caballcam 2012 - back on an event

Droits J Fernadez Duro

Held from 7 to 16 last July, this spanish historic first ride has not gathered thousands of knights as 13th century, but probably laid the foundations of an event which will become a classic.

It commemoration a historic ride which, starting from Toledo, saw 800 years ago the reconquista of the Iberian Peninsula by the knights of the allied armies of Europe gathering 90 000 men. They traveled together the 200km to Las Navas de Tolosa in order to fight and win the famous battle, the July 16th 1212. The riders of 2012 were not warriors, drived on peacefull and friendly lifestyles. They traveled 270km in 8 days, visited famous ruins and castles in an intense  warm, requiring daily nap and precautions due to the lack of water in the fields of Castille. Guadana river crossing with wild horses and crossed  « Despenaperros » of the Sierra Morena.

A big success for our spanish friends lead by Joaquim Fernandez Duro, for this beautiful ride very successful.

Young riders TREC European championship 2019


The young riders TREC European championship 2019 take place in Brachfeld (Germany) from the 29 to 31 August. This year, the Junior competition by pair is proposed. You can find all information in the 2019 TREC rules updated in April. 

Information and registration here

500 riders for the 500 years of Chambord

The FITE is a partner of the 500 riders of Chambord, organised for the anniversary of the Renaissance. French Equestrian that we know today take its origins in this period of history. This event is an opportunity to celebrate the history of Chambord with a hiking and equestrian strolling. See you on June 29th and 30th, 2019!

Equirando 2019

The Equirando returns from August 1st to 4th, 2019 in the Haras de Breviaires in Yvelines. As in previous editions, the FITE is one of the main partners of the event.

The Eurasian

The FITE support the Eurasian project aims to connect in Grenoble to Vietnam. This project promotes soft traveling, develop equestrian routes in many countries, but also bring the need for equestrian cross-border agreements.


Memorandum of Understanding FITE-FEI


FITE - Parc Equestre Fédéral - La Colonie

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