An attractive activity

The particularity of this activity is that anyone can do it. Whether a champion or a beginner, every horse rider has immediate access; this guarantees a vast source of potential riders. Those wishing to turn this activity into the easiest or the most difficult personal challenge can easily go on trail rides needing them to remain in the saddle for hours, go on long distance trails and participate in or organise very long journeys on horseback. Every rider must know and understand the fact that equestrian tourism offers a world full of knowledge, skill and experience. It is also possible to achieve a high technical level and merit the same dignity as other equestrian disciplines.

The meaning of equestrian tourism, previously only encompassing trail riding or journeys on horseback, has today widened to also include "all equestrian activities undertaken by tourists outside their normal place of residence", i.e. training courses, improvement courses and other aspects or diverse types of vacation principally revolving around the horse.

Centaure 2019

The legendary three days, three nights Raid Centaure POR will take place this year in Llagostera, Spain, from February 8th to 10th. All information at links below.




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EuroWorld championship of TREC  

The TREC EuroWorld Championships took place on the 30 August to the 1st September 2018 in Bracciano, Italy.

This event gathered 90 riders from 18 nations. Two countries were represented off competition, China and Russia.

Details results of Seniors European championship can be found here.

Details results of Young riders World championship can be found here. 



European Championships of Working Equitation

The European Championships of Working Equitation took place in Eersel, Netherland from 23 to 26 August 2018. 

Four nations were represented in seniors and young riders levels for a total close to 40 riders in competition. 

All results can be found here. 


Sustainable development

The FITE made practical worksheets to help organisers to create sustainable equestrian events.

Find all complete sheet here


Memorandum of Understanding FITE-FEI


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