Euromondial TREC in Scandiano

published the 09/09/2014 | 14h14

Euromondial TREC  in Scandiano

The 2014 Euromondial responded fully to the expectations of competitors from 13 NETO, with first two Russian riders. Enjoying the good weather, the event was a real popular success, especially with the parade in town  for the opening, with a large and enthusiastic crowd.

Three days of sport, friendship, brotherhood, in the tradition of TREC, with the highlight being the beautiful festival on Sunday.

The results:


1 / Klara Fontanesi (Italy)
2 / Sophie Gauthier (France)
3 / Oreste Nicolas (France)


1 / France (Gaëlle Cadoret, Tristan Gratien, Ludovic Garnier, Lisbeth Lumpp)
2 Italy (Loriano Pandolfi, Cristian Bonella Klara Fontanesi Irina Pockar)
3 / Switzerland (Florence Buffat Lucie Meylan, Maude Radelet, Nathalie Stirati)

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Young Riders:


1 / Simone Magagnini (Italy)

2/ Bérangère Naude (France)

3/ Illaria Rossi (Italy)


1 / Italy (Luca Fabbri, Jonathan Rambaldi, Ilaria Rossi, Simone Magagnini)
2 / France (Pauline Valat, Romane Plato, Jonathan Bausseron Mathieu Paillet)
3: Germany (Imke Hellwig, Xania Henken, Jessica Schneider, Jenny Stemke)

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Moroccan rally


From April 30th to May 4th, 2019, will hold an extraordinary equestrian rally in the desert of Agafay in the heart of the Moroccan High Atlas. This event is open to everyone. To participate in this exceptional meeting linking sport and discovery, contact the Moroccan National Association of Equestrian Tourism:

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500 riders for the 500 years of Chambord

The FITE is a partner of the 500 riders of Chambord, organised for the anniversary of the Renaissance. French Equestrian that we know today take its origins in this period of history. This event is an opportunity to celebrate the history of Chambord with a hiking and equestrian strolling. See you on June 29th and 30th, 2019!

Equirando 2019

The Equirando returns from August 1st to 4th, 2019 in the Haras de Breviaires in Yvelines. As in previous editions, the FITE is one of the main partners of the event.

The Eurasian

The FITE support the Eurasian project aims to connect in Grenoble to Vietnam. This project promotes soft traveling, develop equestrian routes in many countries, but also bring the need for equestrian cross-border agreements.


Memorandum of Understanding FITE-FEI


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