Centaure 2015

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Centaure 2015

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The legendary P.O.R.

Le“Centaure”,is an orienteering and regularity phase (P.O.R.) first practised in France in the Ile-de-France area in 1976, under the regional name “Raid Centaure”. Its creator, Bernard Huard, one of the original equestrian tourism guides, and amongst those officially accredited at the time, was head of the equestrian centre of Etiolles, in Essonne county, to the south of Paris. The very basic “Centaure” rules are similar to those of the French TREC regulation night P.O.R., a discipline that emerged in part from Centaure a decade later, with the same penalties and veterinary controls…

The above-mentioned night P.O.R. rules are available on request.

“Regional” variations

. map room open for three hours before the first competitor starts.

. high-quality colour photocopies for maps accepted,

. draw for the starting order for the first start, subsequently reversed for the second round,

. 2000 points attributed to each competitor at the start of the event, with the possibility of finishing up with a “negative” result,

. Each rider can carry any equipment he wishes, and that he feels is appropriate to the successful completion of the course,

.GPS type aids and other smartphone or Android software are strictly forbidden. (As a precaution, telephones are placed in a sealed envelope at the start),

. jury comprising the chairman of the jury, course designers, two rider representatives, who meet after each event,

. federal license compulsory, or for foreigners, an insurance certificate.


The creators wanted to make this an atypical event, over three days, over-night and during the day in two stages, under conditions that call on the courage and valour of participants.

A few specifics: Centaure can be done individually or in pairs. Difficulties are compounded by the choice of a moonless night, and if there is snow, better still, except for the competitors, of course.

A substantial breakfast is taken on Saturday morning at 6 AM, somewhere in the woods. All meals of course have to be copious and hearty, and therefore substantial, and wine is always served. Everybody finishes around midday on the Sunday.

 100 km in 36 hours

The course of around 100 km is run over 2 unequal stages in something like 36 hours, with few opportunities for rest, more often than not busy with the different controls.

The first competitor sets off on the Friday at midnight with staggered starts every 10 minutes thereafter. This first stage, which is about 60 km long, ends around 3 PM on Saturday for the early starters. With a second merciless night start at around 1 in the morning on the Sunday, there’s no time to waste in bed!


Exported to Burgundy by Robert Bruneau – national TREC course designer for over 10 years in France and winner of the event at least once – when he arrived in the Yonne department, the Centaure, had not been held in the Morvan area for 17 years.

The 2013 edition was organised by a committee headed up by Jean de Chatillon, a former individual winner (including the 2014 session), ex-member of the French TREC team and international P.O.R. verifier for FITE.


Le Centaure was organised in 2014 at the Vallée des Cerfs equestrian farm (Anne Van Aubel), from February 28 to March 2 in Haute-Vienne county in the Poitou-Charentes region. 

 The Boucle de ceinturon

The first three of each category win the magnificent Centaure belt buckle, theboucle de ceinturon(gold, silver, bronze). The others win a stable shield and a host of unforgettable memories that will stay with them forever. This particularity means that never more than 9 shields can be awarded (3 individual, 6 in teams – with the possibility of a tieipso factoexcluded).

Wearing the CentaureBoucleis an honour that reflects the rider’s ranking in an exceptionally complex and demanding event. The originalBoucle de ceinturoncannot be modified in any way. Only the information appearing on the insert is interchangeable, according to the ranking, the year and the venue. The buckle and its pictography cannot be used outside the Centaure and its organisation.  

 Sponsorship of FITE

Although le Centaure is not an official event governed by any regulations falling within its jurisdiction, given the spirit in which the event is run, and its international appeal, FITE sponsors the event.



  cavalldemar@gmail.com from February 20-22.


Any technical or logistics information can be obtained from the following emails: ahueetadiamail@gmail.com or ahueetadia@wanadoo.fr ,

and from François Léveillé f.leveille@free.fr

The FITE Technical Delegate, Thierry Maurouard, can also be consulted if necessary.


Hervé Delambre and Jean de Chatillon

Centaure 2019

The legendary three days, three nights Raid Centaure POR will take place this year in Llagostera, Spain, from February 8th to 10th. All information at links below.




Fiches d'inscription/Registration form 

EuroWorld championship of TREC  

The TREC EuroWorld Championships took place on the 30 August to the 1st September 2018 in Bracciano, Italy.

This event gathered 90 riders from 18 nations. Two countries were represented off competition, China and Russia.

Details results of Seniors European championship can be found here.

Details results of Young riders World championship can be found here. 



European Championships of Working Equitation

The European Championships of Working Equitation took place in Eersel, Netherland from 23 to 26 August 2018. 

Four nations were represented in seniors and young riders levels for a total close to 40 riders in competition. 

All results can be found here. 


Sustainable development

The FITE made practical worksheets to help organisers to create sustainable equestrian events.

Find all complete sheet here


Memorandum of Understanding FITE-FEI


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