Horseback Archery European Championships

published the 27/06/2017 | 17h17

Horseback Archery European Championships


For the first time, the Fédération Française d’Equitation (FFE), under the aegis of the Fédération Internationale de Tourisme Equestre (FITE), and associated with the International Horseback Archery Alliance, has welcomed the European Championships of horseback archery 2017.

56 archers from 10 nations have gathered for this first edition at the federal equestrian Park where the headquarters of the FFE are, to live unique convivial moments of sport.

Real equestrian discipline, the competitors of these European Championships train all year long hoping to shine during this prestigious event and offer their country the supreme title of European Champion.

Highlights of this week-end !

A great spirit of sharing and mutual help prevailed throughout all these Championships. The foreign archers came without their mounts and with their coaches, families or friends. Horses were lent by the Domaine of Gauchoux and the equestrian centre of Chaville, from where French riders were also participating at the competition.

These European Championships took place around three events. The Hungarian event which is a repetitive event of 9 runs where the archers have to shoot as many as possible in a unique target in a limited time of 20 seconds. Following this event, it was Levante Maucha from Hungary that was first in the provisional ranking.

The Korean event is an event of speed and precision where the riders have to shoot 4 different targets with the difficulty of only shooting one arrow per target. Mihai Cozmei, archer from Romania, was first of this event.

The outcome of the competition was still very unsure before the beginning of the Polish event in which the rider evolves at canter on a cross-country field having to manage his equilibrium on his mount while making the best shoots.

After an incredible run, Mihai Cozmei confirms and becomes the first European Champion in the individual senior category!

Following these three events, the final ranking was published:

For the juniors, it’s the team of France, with Martin Imbert, Youn Le Gall, Maxime Coca and Martin Opoix, who takes the first position with a total of 289 points, followed by Poland with Leszeck Moniakowski, Oskar Dawid, Patrycia Gryko, Alexksandra Chalupniczak with 257,9 points and finally Sweden for the bronze medal, with Marcus Hjortberg, Frida Mollergerg and Daniel Hakans with 253,5 points.

The alliance between the Romanian and Hungarian riders, composed of Levente Maucha, Christoph Nemethy and Mihai Cozmei wins the gold medal. The Polish team composed of Anna Sokolska, Radoslaw Kozuch, Anna Sterczynska and Wojtek Osiecki, wins the silver medal, and the Swedish team composed by Jan Stromberg, Emil Eriksson, Karl Mollerberg and Terese Nilsen are the bronze medallists of the senior team category!

As for the individuals, for the juniors, the Hungarian rider Agnes Maucha becomes the European Champion with 288,80 points, while Leszek Moniakowski with 257,87 wins silver and Marcus Hjortberg, the bronze medal, with 253,49 points. We can underline for France, Maxime Coca is 4th, Martin Imbert, 5th, Martin Opoix 6th, Youn Le Gall, 7th and finally Corentin Gracient in 8th position.

The European Champion in the senior category is Mihai Cozmei with a total points of 277,95. Silver goes to Levente Maucha with a score of 258,47, and the bronze medal to Emil Eriksson with 257.20 points. For France, we can mention Robin Descamps at 5th position and Thierry Descamps in 7th.

The European Champion senior, Mihai Cozmei, shares with his impressions: “It was incredible, I am very grateful for the organisers, the FITE, FFE and IHAA, of these championships that have been an amazing experience! Competition and friendliness perfectly combined throughout the entire event! I really felt well all along these Championships!

Frédéric Bouix, President of the FITE:

These Championships organised under the aegis of the FITE along with IHAA makes perfect sense since the FITE promotes practises of equestrian tourism as well as cultural and traditional equitation. This year, the European Championships of horseback archery have been organised on the amazing facilities of the equestrian federal Park which allowed gathering 10 nations around the three events of this discipline.

There is a real convergence between the different nations, many positive exchanges have occurred between the riders and coaches from all nations in order to improve the technical and regulatory aspects of the discipline.  This competition is a very promising beginning for horseback archery. The objective in the future for the FITE, along with the IHAA, is to put in common the expertise and skills of the countries practising this beautiful sport in order to develop it as much as possible!

A word from Emil Eriksson, President of the IHAA

These European Championships have been fantastic. To see all these archers from many nations reunited has been a real beautiful experience. When I started horseback archery in 2009, there was absolutely no unity between nations and federations. To participate to such an event proves that there is strong will to democratise the discipline, it’s incredible.

A very warm thank you to the FFE and FITE who let us use these incredible infrastructures of the equestrian federal Park! It was mind-blowing! I wish the World Championships will be organised here!

Download the results (pdf, 897,65 kB)

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