Inauguration de la Route européenne d'Artagnan

published the 12/07/2017 | 10h10

Inauguration de la Route européenne d'Artagnan

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The official opening of the European Route d'Artagnan was held from teh 7 to 9 July 2017.

Received by the city of Chantilly and the Polo Club, the festivities took place in a friendly atmosphere. Hundred and fifty participants took advantage of a quality program, concocted by the Organising Committee (Picardie’s Horse-riding and Equestrian tourism Regional Committees, with the support of local authorities): visit of the Musée vivant du Cheval of Chantilly, new show at the Grandes Ecuries on Friday; hiking marked European Route d'Artagnan in the forest of Chantilly and representation of stage fencing at the castle of Lamorlaye on Saturday.

Sunday 09 July took place the official inauguration ceremony in front of the castle of Chantilly, in the presence of Alain LIBEROS, founding president of the Association European Route d'Artagnan, Frédéric BOUIX, secretary general of the Fédération Française d’Equitation and president of the Fédération Internationale de Tourisme Equestre, Manoëlle MARTIN, vice-president of the Regional council of Hauts-de-France and Eric WOERTH, city councillor of Chantilly and a MP for Oise.

After an approach hiking from the Polo Club, hikers had the extreme privilege of walking in the prestigious Chantilly’s Domain by horse and carriage, before marching in the town of Chantilly. The procession of one hundred fifty participants cut a fine figure, most of the riders and drivers wearing tabards of Musketeer. The public was many attending this parade in Chantilly.

The official ceremony was followed by entertainment at the Polo Club: village of exhibitors, commented polo match, first time pony...

The charm of the Polo Club facilities, the quality of the activities offered during the weekend and the general good mood delighted participants, conscious of a privileged experience. Many came from abroad - Belgium, Denmark, Italy and Germany - confirming the international scope of the European Route d'Artagnan.

This official opening in Chantilly was the image of the ambition that gives the European Route d'Artagnan: be an equestrian and cultural quality experience for all lovers of equestrian tourism, in Europe and beyond.

Here you will find photos of the Official opening of the European Route d'Artagnan

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