European Championships TREC Young Riders

published the 06/09/2017 | 15h15

European Championships TREC Young Riders


The Young riders TREC European Championships took place at the Parc Equestre Fédéral of Lamotte-Beuvron (France) from the 31st august to the 2nd of September.

This event was organized by the French Equestrian Federation under the aegis of the Federation Internationale de Tourisme Equestre. Eleven countries and 43 riders competed.

After the veterinary control the competition started with the POR. The 30 km POR designed by Laurence Denis was in the forest of Lamotte-Beuvron. Midway a supply point was organized in the municipality of Vouzon. The Spanish rider Joaquín Fernández Hidalgo de Morillo won this test with a total of 226 points.

Then the test of control of paces has been won by the French Chloé Guyon with 60 points. During the last test, the PTV, designed by Valérie Houset Dalodier, competitors had to pass the 16 obstacles. The Italian Luca Fabbri won this test.

Seven nations, Great-Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, and Germany was competing the title of European Champion by team. The French team composed of Chloé Guyon, Corentin Gracient, Coline Rollin and Salomé Stanghellini won with 1122 points. The silver medal is won by the Spanish team: Carla Zapata Perez, Manuel Sacido Jimenez, Violeta Fernandez Penas and Joaquín Fernández Hidalgo de Morillo. The British team get the bronze medal with the team composed of Caitlin Crossley, Jo Mc Cormac and Alexandra Robinson. Italy is fourth and Portugal fifth.

In the individual category, the French Chloé Guyon become the new European Champion with a total of 420 points. Her compatriot Bérangère Naudé is third after the Italian Luca Fabbri.

Competitor arranged to meet next year in Italy to compete the world title!


Jean-Pierre Blache, Jury President and President of the French ONTE

“As jury president and French ONTE president, I would like to underline the sportsmanship of the competitors and the quality of the layout tests which enabled everybody to spend a great time during this event.”


Serge Lecomte, President of the French Equestrian Federation

“We are very happy to welcome the Young Riders TREC European Championships in the Parc Equestre Federal of Lamotte-Beuvron. The role of privileged host site for international events is confirming for the Parc Equestre Fédéral.

This event shows the diversity of equitation and underline the fact that we all come to horse riding, first to get to know horse and to be close to the nature and this is what equestrian tourism promises.”


Frédéric Bouix, President of the Fédération Internationale de Tourisme Equestre

« The first aim of the FITE is to promote equestrian tourism and this, amongst others, through TREC and competitions. Indeed, TREC is THE equestrian tourism and hiking discipline. These European Championships enabled enthusiasts to gather and to radiate their discipline beyond borders.

I want to salute the presence of representatives and presidents of equestrian tourism and equitation federations who came for this event, and I thank them for their daily support in the development of equestrian tourism and equitation through Europe and across the world.”


The live of the award ceremony

All the results here

Young riders TREC European championship 2019


The young riders TREC European championship 2019 take place in Brachfeld (Germany) from the 29 to 31 August. This year, the Junior competition by pair is proposed. You can find all information in the 2019 TREC rules updated in April. 

Information and registration here

500 riders for the 500 years of Chambord

The FITE is a partner of the 500 riders of Chambord, organised for the anniversary of the Renaissance. French Equestrian that we know today take its origins in this period of history. This event is an opportunity to celebrate the history of Chambord with a hiking and equestrian strolling. See you on June 29th and 30th, 2019!

Equirando 2019

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The Eurasian

The FITE support the Eurasian project aims to connect in Grenoble to Vietnam. This project promotes soft traveling, develop equestrian routes in many countries, but also bring the need for equestrian cross-border agreements.


Memorandum of Understanding FITE-FEI


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