Homage to Luigi Triossi

published the 02/10/2017 | 17h17

Homage to Luigi Triossi

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The Fédération Internationale de Tourisme Equestre has just heard with sorrow the news of the passing away of Mr. Luigi TRIOSSI.

Secretary-General of the FITE from 2007 to 2013, Luigi TRIOSSI was also president of the Equestrian tourism Commission of the FITE, from 2003 to 2015.

The members of the Board of Directors and of the NETOs convey their best thoughts to his family and friends.


Address by M. Hervé DELAMBRE, President of FITE from 2003 to 2015, in tribute to M. Luigi TRIOSSI:

Dear Luigi, dear friend,

You were not only a horseman with wide and deep equestrian culture, but also a humanist of conviction who willingly shared the anxieties inherent in the men of our time. Human, generous, courteous, tolerant, you had accustomed us to approach the problems with a pragmatic approach, but always benevolent, with an analysis constantly imbued with common sense and humanity.

As far as I can remember, it was your smile and your good humor that prevailed, which imposed on all of us. Luigi the measured, the wised, with a quiet and smiling authority, solid knowledge and yet modest.

I met you about twenty years ago when, introduced by Vittorio de Sanctis, then President of the FITE, you entered the international circuit by becoming a member of our Bureau in the early 2000s , with a long experience as an equestrian hiker with multiple horseback rides throughout Italy, France and also on other continents. You were always ready for reasonable adventure with friends sharing the same values, admiring without reservation the true hikers respectful of horses, rural world, nature and men anxious to preserve all the wealth that it generously offers us.

At my side you became the Secretary General of FITE and have always pushed for the development of equestrian tourism and its influence throughout the world.

You knew better than anyone what virtues concealed an activity which allows, at the pace of a horse companion, privileged discovery, rapprochement of men, encounters, sharing  and provides many economic sectors the contribution they need.

We always got along very well, with ideas in tune and identical approaches.

Today, on this cruel moment of separation, I want to emphasize how rich and successful your contribution to our activities has been. We must cultivate and prosper this legacy to continue in this path that you have so well traced.

The President of the FITE is deeply aware of this, and has requested me to express his gratitude and deepest sympathy to all your family in sorrow. Through this message of friendship and compassion, the entire FITE pays you a just tribute and expresses its friendly gratitude, as well as the French Equestrian Federation and the French Equestrian Tourism Committee in which you counted many faithful friends.

Thank you dear friend.

Rest in peace, dear Luigi.

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